Rissa Mohabir

Founder & Executive Director

Humanitarian advocate / producer / practitioner / trainer

Rissa has over 30 years experience as a trainer for medical doctors and homeopaths in the UK and internationally, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Germany, Japan and notably in post conflict Serbia and Croatia (2000-7)

” My passion for listening to others never ceases, especially the remarkable lived traumatic experiences of those whose lives have been shaken to the core. As survivors their courage and resilience shines through.”

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Gillian Nineham

Non-executive Director

Gillian is a publisher and has spent most of her career in medical and healthcare publishing. During this time she has published many hundreds of books, plus academic journals, magazines and education and training programmes.


Priyanka Raval

Non-executive director and Communications Lead
Priyanka Raval is a freelance journalist currently based in Bristol. She holds an MSc in Global Governance and Ethics from the University College London, specialising in Human Rights and Development.


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Sherrie Eugene-Hart


Sherrie is Co-Director of E-Com Media specialising in Event Media, Diverse Programming - TV and Radio Production and Multiversity Training.


Julietta Schoenmann


Julietta Schoenmann is a teacher, trainer and materials developer who has worked in the education sector for over 30 years.

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Adil Jafar


Adil has over 40 years worth of experience in translation. He speaks and works in 5 languages: French, Arabic, English, Kurdish, Parsi.


Chris Thomas

Freelance digital designer

Chris is an award-winning digital designer from Bristol, specialising in web design and user experience consultancy.