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Rissa Mohabir Producer/Director



Trauma Awareness Training

Rissa has 28 years experience as a trainer for medical doctors and homeopaths in the UK and internationally, notably in Serbia and Croatia (2000-2007).  She pursued post-graduate studies at Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute in New York, returning to Bristol (UK) to launch her training program for trauma-related service providers.  Barnardo South Gloucs and Bristol Helpline successfully piloted her training program. Rissa is now extending her training program to refugee services in response to supporting the needs of staff and volunteers working with the refugee community.

Trauma Awareness Production & Publication

Currently, Rissa is in partnership with Refugee Women of Bristol and Syrian Women (VPR) Bute LGA, Scotland on a production of short films and narratives for publication of A Life Journey-Impact of War on Women. The community-led project was launched at Watershed Cinema & Media, Bristol in June 2016 and presented at MShed as part of International Women’s Day 2017 and a screening at Curzon Cinema in Clevedon.

Rissa is listed by Bristol Women’s Voice as one of the fifty inspirational women of Bristol to mark International Women’s Day 2017.

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