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Adil Jafar

  • Has over 40 years worth of experience in translation
  • Speaks and works in 5 languages: French, Arabic, English, Kurdish, Parsi
  • Active campaigner and rights activist, anti-war protester
  • Grown up in conflict/ lived in political exile
  • Post-grad in France in German philosophy (his passion)
  • Radical humanist not nationalist
  • Voluntary interpreter in Paris
  • Hears stories of trauma on a daily basis
    • "I'm aware of the suffering caused by separation from family and difficulty in integrating"
    • "I see myself less supporting them, but living with them. We journey together to overcome our suffering"
    • " We interpreters don't have the supervisions or supportive structures that therapists do, yet we are exposed to the same material. We carry all these testimonies but without the space to share and process. So we share our experiences with one another and work through it that way and handle it like that."