Nobody Ever Asks

A moving account shared by a Somali woman’s experience of disability and impairment as a consequence of bullet and shrapnel injury that  highlights unmet needs of of disabled refugees and asylum seekers with war related trauma.

Producer:  Rissa Mohabir Co- Producer Layla Ismail


Empty Seat on the Bus

A collaborative production between Rissa Mohabir (Trauma Awareness) Refugee Women of Bristol and UWE animation team.  A powerful message in response to increased hate speech and stigmatization.

New Arrival

A series of stills and voice over documenting the process of arrival for all asylum seekers shared as a group narrative from Refugee Women of Bristol Listening Project- Breaking Isolation

Producer:  Rissa Mohabir Director: Ingrid Sinclair (Afikka Eye)


Under the Shade of the Tree

Evocative and vivid art illustrations shared by the Bushara Somali women of what happens to Somali women as mothers fleeing for safety, crossing continents seeking sanctuary in Bristol.

Producer:  Rissa Mohabir

Co Producer Soad Ali


Soft Heart, We don’t like Violence

A spoken word narrative prose – what happens to a mother and her daughter in war threatened by violence and vulnerability in war?

Producer:  Rissa Mohabir


Our Stories, Healing Stories – From the Eyes of a Child

Bristol Makes Peace at the City Hall

Spoken word production:  Adult survivors from Columbia, Peru, Somalia Kuwait and Kurdistan Iraq shared a group narrative of images and impressions as children surviving genocide and conflict.  Accompanied by musician Jose Barco.

Producer/Director: Rissa Mohabir


Crossing Over, Leaving your Homeland

Digital Migration Stories: Rissa Mohabir (Producer /Director) in partnership with SALAAM SHALOM MEDIA

Wandering Soul:  (Pakistan):  Raj shares his memories of leaving Lahore to study in the UK and what he left behind.

Uprooted (Barbados): A personal account of sacrifices made by women as mothers, during the recruitment drive to build the NHS post war leaving their children behind in the Caribbean.

Exodus (Uganda) Sam age 7 orphaned and vulnerable, joins the exodus trail of displaced African Ugandans during the reign of Idi Amin in 1970’s.

Life in Prison (Chile) Alfonso recounts his experience as a young man jailed as a political prisoner in Chile during Pinochet’s dictatorship. A stark contrast of prison brutality to finding love and finally freedom as an exile.

Producer:  Rissa Mohabir, Filmmaker: Ronan Harvey   Independent short


Listening to Love

A personal narrative of love beyond borders of interracial marriage in the 1950s interwoven with extracts from Mary Oliver’s poem The Journey

EU commission Love: Digital Storytelling Workshop at Watershed, Bristol