Rissa Mohabir

”My passion for listening to others never ceases, especially the remarkable lived traumatic experiences of those whose lives have been shaken to the core. As survivors their courage and resilience shines through.”

Rissa has over 30 years experience as a trainer for medical doctors and homeopaths in the UK and internationally, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Germany, Japan and notably in post conflict Serbia and Croatia (2000-7).

“My quest to understand the impact of war on women was shaped by impressions and stories from women in Serbia and Croatia picking up the pieces of their shattered lives of ten years of unimaginable suffering. This led to setting up Listening Projects in Bristol, weaving together creative storytelling, spoken word and theatre pieces, song, dance. Any way that stories can find an expression!”

It was during that period, that she decided to pursue Post-graduate studies at Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute in New York, returning to Bristol (UK) to launch her training program for trauma-related service providers.

Rissa is listed by Bristol Women’s Voice as one of the fifty inspirational women of Bristol to mark International Women’s Day 2017.