Trauma-informed training

Trauma Awareness Training aims to provide an opportunity to learn and reflect on the study of trauma within a safe and supportive environment available as In-House or Open Access Training.

Bespoke training is tailored to the needs of organisations.

Examples of attendees are:

Staff Development – Trauma Services, First responders, Refugee Services, Advocacy, Helpline support, Social services, Educators INSET training, ESOL

CPD – Health professionals, therapists

Professional supervision

Professional supervision is an essential and important part of practice in trauma/stress related work places /organisations or individual practitioners.

TRAUMA AWARENESS Supervision is available as additional component of integrating learning and skills from the training modules.

The benefits of supervision
● Opportunities to reflect in a safe space
● Draw on key skills and knowledge
● Apply self-critical and self-enquiry processes
● Having confidence to manage stress
● Enables support with 1-1 sessions
● Encourages cohesion with peer led supervision groups

Booking supervision sessions
Peer-led group supervision or 1-1 sessions are tailored to individual needs of organisations including Costs, Terms & Agreements.
A typical session is one hour.

*A Certificate of Attendance is provided on completion.


I wholeheartedly recommend this course to be given nationally to all organisations

Support worker

BCC Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme (VPRS)

Rissa uses most up to date theories and practices about how to work with traumatised people

Senior support worker

BCC Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme (VPRS)

I got so much from the day. I feel more confident about dealing with my clients now.



“Great relevance to work and self”   “Helpful to recognise signs a/indicators /behaviour of trauma response”

Support Workers

Ruskin Mill

The training has provided us with tools and much needed information about how we could support most vulnerable women in our society

Development worker

Refugee Women of Bristol

Comprehensive and clear


Somali Forum

Relevant to our work with clients with case examples

Rissa encouraged lots of participation and encouraged staff to ask any questions providing a safe environment for conversations to happen.

Head Teacher

Dolphin School INSET Day Training